WWE Hell In A Cell live stream video sopcast online on HD TV

DON’T MISS WWE HELL IN A CELL. One of the most merciless structures in WWE history returns to pay-per-view Sunday, when WWE Champion CM Punk will be locked inside Hell in a Cell with the undefeated Ryback. Get details on how to watch all the action.

WWE Hell In A Cell live stream

Hell In a Cell LIVE

Hell In a Cell LIVE

WWE changed its PPV line-up for the rest of the year to include one PPV on October 4 called “Hell in a Cell” and another PPV on October 25 called “Annihilation.” The October 4 PPV replaces No Mercy, which has been a yearly PPV since May 1999 when it debuted in the U.K. beforebecoming an official WWE PPV in October 1999.The PPV main event of the No Mercy 2002 PPV was, ironically, a Hell in a Cell match between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker for the WWE Title.The October 25 PPV replaces Cyber Sunday, which was WWE’s interactive PPV with the fans booking match-ups or stipulations. WWE has not indicated whether that format will be retained with a different name. WWE already changed the name of the September PPV to “Breaking Point” after utilizing the “Unforgiven” PPV name in September since 1999 as well. BP will be an all-submissions match format. WWE initiated the changes eight days ago when it sent out a fan survey asking WWE fans to decide on new names of PPVs. WWE asked fans what name they would give a PPV featuring all Hell in a Cell matches. The options were “Hell in a Cell,” “Lock Up, and “No Escape.” Apparently “WWE Hell in a Cell” won out.

The Chris Jericho–fronted metal band Fozzy premieres the video for its hit single, “Sandpaper,” today on WWE.com. One of the theme songs for WWE Hell in a Cell, “Sandpaper” is the lead single off of the band’s latest album, “Sin and Bones.”Featuring guest vocals by M. Shadows, the song is impacting and reacting at active rock radio. Directed by Sean McEwen, the “Sandpaper” video is inspired by horror classic “Evil Dead,” with M. Shadows playing the role of Fozzy’s evil puppet master. (WATCH WWE Hell in a Cell 2012) “Sin and Bones” was released Aug. 14, landing at No. 1 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. The release marked the band’s best-selling first week for an album of original material. Jericho has not been seen on WWE TV since his loss to Dolph Ziggler on Aug. 21. Due to a pre-match stipulation, Jericho’s contract was terminated. Nonetheless, The Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla has kept busy away from the ring. Fozzy also just finished the first U.S. tour of the band’s 12-year career, the Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival, and later this month, the band will hit the road again on a small headlining run.In the meantime, “Sandpaper” will be the soundtrack as the WWE Universe counts down the days until the return of Hell in a Cell, live on pay-per-view. (HOW TO WATCH WWE Hell in a Cell 2012)

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